now feisty – and 64 bit!

I reinstalled Ubuntu completely last night, and took the opportunity to go to AMD64 mode. I had to sacrifice the cheapo ndiswrapper wireless card, so am now running a switch off the wireless bridge. So it works now!

It looks like Perl really doesn’t like 64-bit. CPAN‘s having difficulty building.

look ma, no wires!

I’ve finally got rid of the ethernet cable that snaked across the kitchen floor to this linux box. A cheapo wireless PCI card (TRENDnet TEW-423PI, from CWO) plus ndiswrapper, and we’re laughing.

ndiswrapper = teh roxx0r

How driver installation for any hardware should be (and with ndiswrapper, is):

  • plug in hardware (in this case, a SMC2862W-G USB wireless adaptor)
  • wave magic wand at the driver
  • enjoy your network