Hugin comes fully of age

I made the Generic Vancouver Seawall Panorama today using all of Hugin‘s defaults, and in the words of Eric Morecambe, “You can’t see the join!”. You used to have to play with lots of settings – now it just gets it right. Bravo!

farewell to the 13th floor

Well, this was my last day at EPCOR. The last two and a bit years have been fun.

It’s strange to think that I can fit my entire desk contents into one file box:

all my desk stuff in one box

I also made sure I didn’t break with tradition:

the customary lone paperclip

wind turbine raccoon sees you

… and is unimpressed.

racoon at ripley

We encountered a raccoon last night. It was somewhat surprised to see us. Almost as much as we were to find it on top of the steps to a wind turbine.

All that’s left of Bishop’s Block

Bishop’s Block windows

Two windows are pretty much all that’s left standing at Bishop’s Block, which was one of the oldest buildings in Toronto. It would seem that the façade is being kept for the new Shangri-la bourge hut, but the way the workers have been wrecking old bricks, it would be a surprise if much of the outer wall can be rebuilt.

Bishop’s Block windows