Black Walls – Acedia pre-release

Black Walls’ new album Acedia is available for pre-release purchase.

I’ve had Ken’s artwork on my wall as a huge print for the last couple of years. I’m stoked that this is now out.

Ken Reaume gives away his early discography

Ken is no longer performing under his given name, and has decided to give away his early recordings, Hope in Another Place and Ken Reaume. They’re good.

Ken Reaume | Wavelength Music Series + Zine


Interview: Ken Reaume | Wavelength Music Series + Zine

January 20th 11pm18th, 2008Ken Reaume– at Sneaky Dee’s (431 College St, Toronto)

“Four Horses” CD release

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four horses

I really think that Ken Reaume‘s Four Horses could be my best album of the year. It’s been on repeat play all day.

And yes, he does work in Penguin Music.