worst. turbine. sheltering. EVAR!!

Walking on the Town of Kansas bridge, I saw this:

Its purpose appeared to rotate the white plastic barrels, which were mounted on eccentric and squeaky bearings. The little wind turbines are stuck right behind the solar panels, so they get little, if any, wind.

trams of old kansas city

Spotted this tiny section of disused tracks at Wornall & Mill streets

Kansas City used to have a huge streetcar system – you could ride out to Independence and Lee’s Summit.  There’s a great map of the 1920s system here: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: Gallup’s map of greater Kansas City and suburbs. Now, there’s nothing.

a happy meaty place

Had my first experience of Arthur Bryant’s BBQ tonight. I have to say it’s way better than Montreal meat. I’m full up, but I could eat more.