goodbye, guardian

Summary: tl;dr

The Guardian has changed its news feeds to contain the whole article instead of just the lead paragraph. That’s just too much reading for me.

caring, sharing – and Scottish

Strike Rochdale from the record books. The Co-op began in Scotland.
… the cooperative movement was born nearly 240 years ago in a barely-furnished cottage in Fenwick, East Ayrshire. (And it’s pronounced ‘fennick’, before you ask.)

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: The elephant not in the room: what happened to Uncle?

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: The elephant not in the room: what happened to Uncle?

see, I told you ages ago

Trendy roof turbines are not as green as they look says The Observer. <smugness/>
Paul Gipe has some thoughts on this:

The last one has a couple of pictures I took when we were in Scotland.

Crappy Lanes: spread the love

Further to Matt Seaton’s article in the Guardian about atrocious cycle facilities, and highlighting Warrington Cycle Campaign’s Facility of the Month, can I just say that Pete Owens of WCC got the idea for the web page from my Crappy Lanes ( copy) site?

RIP, crunch, crunch

Golden Wonder Crisps are gone; and a large part of my childhood went with it.

That Walker’s should have stolen the crisp crown is terrible. They’re just rebadged PepsiCo Lays. Yuk.

(But I still think that Seabrook’s are the current best in the UK.)

timely quotation

Anent George W. Bush’s “God Told Me To Do It …” revelation, was it purely coincidence that the week’s quotation in Catherine‘s Women Artists Datebook is:

I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

 — Susan B. Anthony

My letter to The Guardian

Re: An ill wind?, article by John Vidal.

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 22:05:44 -0400
To: weekly.letters@…
Subject: An Ill Wind to Dr Bellamy’s Wallet

Further to John Vidal’s article on wind energy in the UK, I am astounded by David Bellamy’s gall in denouncing wind energy. He must think we have extremely short memories indeed.

Back in the early 1990s, when I was a neophyte windsmith, I remember seeing a CEGB-sponsored film about wind energy. It was narrated by Dr B., and he was effusing about how wind turbines would be a familiar part of the future landscape, about how beneficial they are, and all the good things that mindful wind energy development will bring.

One wonders what caused the good doctor’s volte-face against green electricity. It would be a shame if such a familiar public face would say anything that it were paid to say. One wonders if David Bellamy now has a backer with an agenda different from that of the old CEGB?

Stewart C. Russell