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Olivet frogs

I think I’m supposed to be blogging about more Midwest Banjo Camp related things – but J.R. Jenks is doing this fine. Here’s a recording of some of the tree frogs in Olivet: olivet_mi-frogs-20080606.

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power are all over the news today. Green power for consumers in Ontario.

I could have done with more wind in the mix (they’re 80% hydro, 20% wind) but it’s better than Pickering, Darlington, and all that nonsense.

reminder of summer: field recording

leopard frog, Lowbanks, ON
A nice frog I saw when I was working in Lowbanks a couple of weeks ago.

About the same time, and in the same field, I made a recording of crickets: Lowbanks Crickets, 15 Sep 02004. In the depths of winter, I’ll really need this sound as a reminder of what it can be like.