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The First Program We Wrote

A quick throwaway dot-matrix printer lookalike. The font is Effects Eighty regular at 12 pt. The music-ruled/green bar fanfold paper simulation is something I smacked together quickly in Inkscape: fanfold-music.pdf

goatee-stroking musing, or something

shrunky dunk

I didn’t know they still made SHRINKY DINKS. Indeed, I didn’t know they were ever really a thing outside something you got free in Nabisco cereal boxes in the 1970s. Or something you did with Hula Hoops packets, then stuck a safety pin on the back so you could wear it as a smashing badge.

To be appropriately retro, I printed this with a dot-matrix printer.

computers suck

24 pins to the platen

Thanks to Seneca, I now have this noisy, slow behemoth in my basement.

It’s kind of neat that Ubuntu supports this 24 year old printer out of the box.