to lie down

This is might be Nic Jones: I’m Going In A Field [mp3]. I’m not sure, though.
Whoever it is, it’s rather good, and accompanies part of the Claptrap DVD of Ivor Cutler’s Looking for the Truth with a Pin / Cutler’s Last Stand.

work prep on Ivor’s birthday

Getting ready for the new job; clothes have been bought, shoes polished, case packed.

And it’s Ivor Cutler’s birthday. No gruts for tea for me.

Ivor Cutler: Glasgow Dreamer

I’ve archived an MP3 copy of Arnold Brown’s Radio 4 programme here: Ivor Cutler: Glasgow Dreamer. It’s a good introduction to Ivor Cutler’s work, and it’s a bit more accessible than the RealAudio format I had to convert it from.

King Cutler

I’m hosting the MP3s of King Cutler, the 1990 radio series featuring Ivor Cutler, Phyllis King, and many others.

Update, May 2008: actually no, I’m not. Jeremy Cutler asked me to remove them.