mmmm, croissants …

new collins logo

Old employer, new logo. Don’t you think it looks like a tasty croissant? I do.

If you go to their site, you’ll see an animated Flash version of the logo, which looks awfully like the Firefox browser throbber. Hmm.

HCP UK drops Eddie Moore

I can’t believe this, but HarperCollins UK are making General Reference senior editor Edwin Moore redundant. Eddie’s a true mensch, knows everything (and everyone) there is to know about publishing, and is everything that was good about Collins in Scotland. He and I used to cycle to the Bishopbriggs plant every day, braving Scotland’s, um, interesting weather all year round.

As we were both active in the NUJ chapel, we used to wonder if the management, err, strategies of HCP UK were those of evil geniuses, or shambling morons. Now we know.

(An indication of this is immediately obvious from HCP‘s website; they can’t spell Dr Seuss, and they’re repackaging yet another bloody commemorative edition of LofR.)