Don’t worry, Stephen …

Economic bite from greenhouse gas reductions will spark criticism: Harper

Canadians will criticize the government for doing too much to tackle climate change once the economic impact is felt from reducing greenhouse gases, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

No danger there, Stephen. As you’ve done precisely nothing to tackle climate change, no Canadians will criticize you at all.

everything is (sorta) connected

Jim Prall, aka Green Herring, gets a shout on Climate Progress. Jim & I are both ex Gandalf Graphics (my first job in Canada was the one he had just left), and he introduced me to Joseph Romm’s book The Hype about Hydrogen.

the reluctant rockstar of climate change

I was at Nicholas Stern‘s presentation to the Economic Club of Toronto today (as was Bob, David, Deb, Glenn, Paul, and about 490 others). He was very low-key; not sure if his dry sense of humour got the response he expected. The CBC covered it.