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soan papri frenzy

I had this Indian sweet last night. It’s good; better than that, maybe. It’s an ultra-friable milk, sugar, flour and nut delicacy, with a strange layered consistency. If you thought that tablet melts in the mouth, this positively vanishes. Good stuff — I shall look out for it.
Update: I found it. Two stores within five minutes of the house have it. When it’s in little squares, it’s soan papri. When it’s in little cakes, it’s soan cake. Either way, it’s good.

What is a shrove, anyway? What size batteries does it take?

I hope they still have pancakes at the Chateau Lacombe, for today is their day. Bet they won’t have the one true topping, being sugar and lemon juice.

Vaguely related Bob The Angry Flower content: The Time Looker-Forward Tube (caution: swerries, pancakes).

happy birthday, WindShare

windshare birthday cake

The WindShare/Toronto Hydro wind turbine was officially one year old yesterday. Coincidentally, we’ve generate 1,000,000 kWh, too.

There was a big event at Liberty Grand at the CNE. The cake was particularly good.