WordPress Custom Header

If you’re trying to change the header image, and the old image seems to be stuck, make sure you turn off WordPress Super Cache before you change the image. Before you restart the plugin, make sure you delete cached files, or the old header will come back and haunt you.

freecache doesn’t

You might have heard about freecache, a method of cooperatively cacheing web content so it doesn’t eat your bandwidth. I thought this would be just the thing for the MP3s of a show by The Decemberists, ‘cos I’ve only got 5GB/month.

Imagine my dismay when I get a note from my service provider saying that I’ve used 90% of my allocation in a couple of days. The freecache proxy doesn’t do a thing, just redirects back to the original links. Bah.

I’ve had to take the files down for now. Maybe they’ll be back later.