All that’s left of Bishop’s Block

Bishop’s Block windows

Two windows are pretty much all that’s left standing at Bishop’s Block, which was one of the oldest buildings in Toronto. It would seem that the façade is being kept for the new Shangri-la bourge hut, but the way the workers have been wrecking old bricks, it would be a surprise if much of the outer wall can be rebuilt.

Bishop’s Block windows

scrummy scran from the HAL Burgers man

I really like HAL Burgers (244 Adelaide). Good burgers, clever decor and decent beer. Not the cheapest burger I’ve ever had, but one of the better ones.

Update, August 2007: oh no, it’s closed! Notice of Distress on doorway dating back to July, so again I’m the last to know.

the search for fair trade coffee @ SB’s

got a tall Estima (supposedly fair trade — they didn’t know) at the First Canadian Place branch at Adelaide & York, Toronto. It’s okay, but most fair trade coffees are too light for me.