Fixed WordPress memory problems on 1and1

A ½-cup of Pasta
A ½-cup of Pasta

Well … sorta. I can’t upload any size of image, but previously I was limited to about 0.3MP (640×480). Now I can upload up to about 1.5MP without the dreaded Memory error. I can also use WordPress’s Auto Upgrade feature again.

Daddy Hogwash’s “WordPress 3.0 Upgrade Complete after Solving Fatal Error: Out of Memory Issue” is what fixed it. His suggested number of 40M fixed the auto upgrade problem, while I upped it to 64M to get larger images to work with my host,


Update: There is no fix for this. Memory limit on my kind of hosting is ~34M. Any higher is not allowed. This seemed to work for a while, now doesn’t.

no no related posts

I’d tried, and failed, several times to install the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress. This time, I actually dug around the forums a bit to see why it wasn’t working, and now it’s fixed.

YARPP requires MySQL version 4.1 or later. Partly due to the age of my blog, I still had my WordPress database at 1&1 at MySQL 4.0. They now offer MySQL 5, and any new databases are created under the newer version. As I’ve used less than 5% of my database allocation, it was a simple job to create a new database, backup the old one, restore it to the new database, then point my wp-config.php to the new DB.

(If it still doesn’t work, view the  source to your Settings→YARPP configuration page. Error messages are helpfully, if cryptically, embedded in HTML comments.)

I’ll probably still get a few “No Related Posts” appearing until the cache fills, but that should go away soon.

WordPress 2.7.1 Upgrade Failed on

bassmadrigal has the solution if WordPress automatic updates don’t work under hosting: WordPress 2.7.1 Upgrade Failed.
All you need to do is add the line:
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
to your .htaccess. Joy!

thanks, 1and1

Thanks, 1and1! It’s taken me several hours to restore Gallery and Movable Type after you decided to delete all my dynamic content. Gotta love that customer service.