Just a few of the things I’ve made …

Raspberry Pi


National Drinks — anthems played on drink containers, driven by Arduino:


Laser cut

Mostly at Protolab near Danforth & Dawes:

3D Printing

Display Typography

  • FifteenTwenty — mono-spaced font family derived from character stroke coordinates from the Commodore 1520 plotter ROM. Featured on the MetaFilter podcast.
  • ThreeFourTwoTwofont based on the short-lived Litronix DL-3422 22 segment LED alphanumeric display.

Retro-computing Installation


  • Patterns from Bourgoinmini colouring zine featuring geometric patterns developed in Inkscape [PDF].
  • Pattern Gallery — 2D and 3D patterns; some digital (in Inkscape or algorithmically), some in gouache/ink.


Work in Progress

  • Edge-lit numeric display — working prototype single digit driver circuit, and an initial construction of the display itself. These are an alternative to Nixie tubes, but are low voltage and easier to customize.

Past Projects

  • the automatic podcast — A daily podcast, roughly 30 minutes long, produced completely automatically from a random selection of tracks from my music collection. All announcements were generated by the Flite TTS. Running from 2008–2013 and decommissioned when the server changed, no archives exist from this exploration of aural randomness.