teh smrt

I carried my digital camera around all last week, forgetting that the battery was still in the charger at home …

That wouldn’t be a problem if it were the RB67 (all mechanical; no batteries), but I’d end up looking like Louis Cyr if I did.

the same desiccant

Pelican Peli desiccant pack, as sold by Vistek – $21.99.
40g Silica gel dehumidifier from Lee Valley – $6.95.
Can you spot the difference?

(and I’m not particularly picking on Vistek; they’re as cheap as anyone for this product when sold as a photo accessory.)

a dreadful pipistrelle-related pun

I don’t particularly understand why my industry gets singled out for killing wildlife, and having to carry out lengthy studies where other equally guilty plants and installations don’t. But apparently, radar ‘saves bats at wind farms’.

So, if this is really true, and it were installed, would it be a bat mitzvah?

Things I Saw in Vancouver

Things I Saw in Vancouver – and yes, there are flowers in bloom. Beware of the cute sea otters, though they’re not quite up there with the Oh Noes! otter.

Update: Dave‘s photos are good – thanks!

extremely childish fun with US$1 and a marker pen …

Thanks to Kathy (whose name I have probably misspelled) in Kansas City for showing us this:

FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE becomes FART, teehee ...

(please note: no actual US currency was defaced to make this blog posting.)

… with raspberry vinaigrette!

Paul and I often talked of doing this, but I see someone’s done it for real: they hacked the GO Train scrolly LED signs to read Stephen Harper Eats Babies.

How to dismantle an nuclear power station

… [the] process is only projected to be completed by the end of this century, as it is not considered safe to start dismantling the highly radioactive core until the 2080s

 — BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Tackling the UK’s nuclear legacy

the mighty elocom

I’d been suffering from some winter eczema on the blade of my right hand. It meant (like, if I wanted to) I couldn’t karate chop, but I could probably give someone a pretty good karate sandpapering.

It got worse recently, and beyond the control of over-the-counter meds. The doctor gave me a wee pottie of Elocom, a fearsome skin ointment, on Friday. The eczema’s almost gone; it’s just a tiny bit of dry skin now.