blue camera

I was half-thinking of trading in my Nikon Coolpix 2500 compact digicam, as 2 megapixels don’t make it any more. So I braved the Boxing Day sales, and came back with rather more camera than I bargained for.

Henry’s have a special on this week; $299 for the 5 megapixel Sony Cybershot P100. Any colour, as long as it’s blue. The other colours are $500. Go figure.

It’s small, feels solid, handles well, and has a Zeiss lens (ah, how I miss my Yashica T5). The downsides are that it uses Sony’s weird, expensive Memory Sticks, and it doesn’t record sensor size for field-of-view information (ignorable if you’re not a panorama nerd). It doesn’t seem to want to connect to my Gentoo box as a USB storage device, but that could be a config problem on my part.

I also got the quite ridiculous Sandisk 12-in-1 card reader, despite its crappy packaging. It seems to work nicely as both a CF and Memory Stick reader on the Gentoo machine.

i like to caress rusty cameras …

Derek just bought an old view camera on eBay. If you’re quick, you’ll still find the original item listing. Here’s an image of its ground glass:

the face of salad fingers

Now, look at that, and tell me that it’s not the image of David Firth’s disturbing Salad Fingers character?
salad fingers

points you see, points you don’t

So I’m busy doing windfarm photomontages in hugin. Trouble is, the site I’m working on is in the prairies, so here’s some ASCII art of what I’m seeing:


This, as you might guess, is just a little short of control points for stitching images. I find myself scrabbling for clods of earth, interesting blades of grass, and what looks worryingly like roadkill by the side of the range roads to use as common points of interest.

So far, though, most of the panoramas have come out looking pretty good. But then, I am 1337 VV1NDF4R^^ D3516N0R …

art by the wayside

top picture
Dumped by the side of the CN “GECO” spur by our house: three paintings on fibre board, in acrylics. Unsigned. They seemed to appear this morning.

Further photos in my Found Art gallery

nice scaling

My Nikon D70 makes images that are too large for the web, so I have to scale them down. Most image scaling routines use simple linear interpolation, which can lose a lot of detail, but some packages use cubic scaling. This keeps most of the detail.

I was looking for a scriptable cubic routine, and I found it in Image::Magick, aka perlmagick. The syntax is simple:

$x = $image->Resize(geometry => '50%',
                    filter => 'Cubic');

I used this routine to resize my 2004 Ontario Renfest pictures.

photo printers

I want to print some of my D70 pictures, so I asked the GTABloggers what they used:

I’m looking for a non-proprietary upload system, so Ofoto is out. I’d like to try, but I know no-one who has tried them.

biggest vee-hickle ever

Seems it’s a big weekend down at the rental lot. This Buick LeSabre — approximately the size of Clackmannanshire, for Scottish readers — is all they had left.

Oh well, at least I’ll be stylin’ on the way to the Rennfest, and at the airport to meet Catherine. Or, since it’s about the size of a Zil, I guess I could be Stalin.

Saving me the bother

I was going to start documenting my experiences with the Nikon D70 and Linux on a wiki of my own, but it looks like there’s a better place to do it: the Digital Photography and Linux wiki.

It’s slightly out of date, but we can fix that.