torrent: Circulatory System – Lee’s Palace, Toronto – 13 April 2003

Circulatory System
Lee’s Palace, Toronto
13 April 2003

Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell
Sony ECM-909A microphone
-> Sharp MD-SR60 minidisc
-> analogue PC soundcard.

Tracks split with Audacity, normalized with ‘normalize’.
Compressed with ‘flac –best’
288 megabytes.

Track List:

1 Yesterday’s World
2 Should a Cloud Replace a Compass?
3 [door/days]
4 Joy
5 Round
6 The Lovely Universe
7 Diary of Wood
8 Outside Blasts
9 [now]

— Pause to repair Will’s guitar —

10 Lately/Realize
11 Days To Come (In Photographs)
12 Waves of Bark & Light
13 Away

Track names in [square brackets] are unclear from the recording, and are from the (still) upcoming album


ttc kalimba

Kalimba player, Bloor subway, about 7pm.

audblog o canada

reminder of summer: field recording

leopard frog, Lowbanks, ON
A nice frog I saw when I was working in Lowbanks a couple of weeks ago.

About the same time, and in the same field, I made a recording of crickets: Lowbanks Crickets, 15 Sep 02004. In the depths of winter, I’ll really need this sound as a reminder of what it can be like.