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The Real Change that Canadians* want

We’ve just had an election in Canada. You probably didn’t know.

The (now) majority Liberal Party of Canada ran a set of 106 issues pages, and their stance on each. Visitors could vote on how they felt on these issues. The overall results aren’t tabulated there yet, so I took the liberty of scraping the data (harder than it looked) and ranked it.

Here are the top ten issues from the website, ranked by popularity:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Guns
  3. Electoral reform
  4. International students and temporary residents
  5. Middle class tax cut
  6. Helping families
  7. Ending unfair tax breaks
  8. Canada Post
  9. Science and scientists
  10. Post-secondary education

I have no idea how objective this information is. I suspect some attempts were made to game the system, looking at the vote counts for the top two.

Here’s the data: liberaldotca-realchange-poll-data-2015-10-20-183923. All the columns after Five Stars were derived by me.

I’m very disappointed that the issue of Missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls wasn’t even in the top twenty. C’mon Canada; for once, don’t let me down.

*: english-speaking Canadians who visited» Real Change and voted on issues there before 2015-10-20 18:39:23 EDT, that is.

Accidental autumnal pattern

The little kite shape


fell out of an arch design I was studying, and I thought it was too nice to throw away. Must’ve been something about the falling leaves that made me choose colours like these.

Here’s the SVG, if you care to:


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Fountain decoration excerpt

Excerpt of mosaic pattern from 16th C CE fountain from Eqypt in the Aga Khan Museum
Excerpt of mosaic pattern from 16th C CE fountain from Egypt in the Aga Khan Museum
Fountain — photo by Sameer Vasta from Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA, 2015.

Clipped repeat:


(Not sure if I got the mosaic quite right. There were some damaged and replaced tiles that look a little out of place.)

maybe I *do* want the Small Web back …

All I wanted to do was read a post on Winston Rowntree‘s Patreon page, yet something was blocked by uBlock Origin. In trying to find what it was, I found the page was pulling in 91 separate resources from 15 different sites:

Do we really need all that crud? It’s a bunch of trackers and fonts and mystery swf and javascript. It might be all responsive web like, but the more fancy you do, and the more of other people’s “TRUST ME” code you pull in, something’s gonna go wrong.