Bob Briehl, the autoharp man in Canada

After ferrying Catherine around for another exciting adventure in LibraryQuest, we took my autoharps to Appalachian Instruments in Oakville for a repair. I have half expecting Bob to declare at least one of them a junker, but apparently they’re more than salvageable. Indeed, the older Type A is apparently a rather nice 1950s wood-bar black felt Silvertone, and the Type B, despite the warped top, is a good little player except for a couple of weak springs. Bob’s busy repairing and generally refurbing them, and we should get them back in a week or two. Should we form an autoharp folk duo?

Bob’s the local luminary of the autoharp, and has many models and spares in stock. It’s best to leave a message on the store’s phone, as he’s not always there. He also teaches, and does house calls.

Appalachian Instruments
117 Westside Drive, Oakville ON L6K 1P2
171 Solingate Drive Oakville ON L6L 3S8
(905) 845-0638

Update: Bob advised of a change of address.

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Thank you for the support for Appalachian Instruments. Although we have moved we still offer the same friendly service that people have received since 1981

Bob…you may not remember me, but years ago I visited your home, and we discussed autoharps, and repairs. Since then I have enjoyed jamming, and performing wherever I go.

I would like to know if you sell autoharp parts, or, if you know where I could purchase some chord buttons, and some felt for my chord bars. I have a 21 chord Oscar Schmidt OS-45-CE model harp. A source for parts both now and in the future would be of great help. Thanks, and hope you’re doing “ok”. Frank

Hello! Appalachian instruments has moved again! (January 2020)
New address:
276 Creek Path Ave., Oakville, ON
Phone: 905-845-0638 house/main
Phone: 289-242-5979 mobile

Thanks for your continual support and interest!
-Mhat Briehl (Robert’s son)

Hi there: I just picked up a autoharp that needs strings , tuned etc. Can’t find a name. It’s been sitting for 40 or 50 years from what I can find out. Wondering if you can string, tune etc. Need a price and shipping instructions etc. Regards. NO key for tuning.

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