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Avoiding Copy-Protected CD suckage with an iRiver H120

  1. Hook your iRiver H120 to the optical output from a CD player
  2. Start recording on the H120, and play the CD
  3. Stop recording at the end of the CD
  4. Transfer the very large MP3 file across to your Linux box
  5. Use mp3splt to split the tracks from a freedb track list
  6. Result! 😉

Now I can listen to Fountains of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers without hassle.

Oh, and if anyone says that an H120 recorder doesn’t have legitimate use, please see my field recordings.

One reply on “Avoiding Copy-Protected CD suckage with an iRiver H120”

I wish I’d remembered this blog posting, as I spent half this evening trying to remember the name of mp3splt to do the business on Kraftwerk’s Tour de France Soundtracks.

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