They put up a gas station at our wind turbine!

Pump facia at hydrogen gas station, Ex Place
Okay, so maybe it’s a hydrogen gas station for a demonstrator fuel cell car, but it’s still a big ugly gas station. I think it spoils the lines of the park in which the WindShare turbine is cited.

More pictures here:

2 thoughts on “They put up a gas station at our wind turbine!”

  1. yet another boondoggle going nowhere. now that we have an overpriced “landmark” producing very expensive electricity (estimate: $0.16/kwh), let’s make even less efficient hydrogen out of it, so that it can power a technology (fuel cell) that couldn’t buy its way out of the prototype stage in 20 years.

    all it serves to do is make fossil fuels look good, at least for those who can do the math. for those who can’t, there’s always “good vibes” and alternate energy.

  2. yet another boondoggle going nowhere.

    But the hydrogen plant’s nowhere near Pickering nuclear power station …

    now that we have an overpriced “landmark” producing very expensive electricity (estimate: $0.16/kwh)

    More seriously, I’d like to know where you got that estimate. I’m a
    director of WindShare, and I think the price we get is rather less than your estimate. As we’re probably about to announce a dividend, we are generating revenue.

    Your $0.16/kWh is fairly close to the average cost of delivering power to the power station gate in parts of Europe. It’s likely that it may be closer to the true cost of electricity than we are used to paying here. So if we’re delivering power for less than that (and we are), we’re in pretty good shape.

    Wind energy has been my profession (and I dare say, my calling) for many years. I’m glad that I’m part of a group who had the conviction to build the first urban wind co-op in North America.

    I do have to agree with you, though, on the current efficiency of the hydrogen-based economy. It’s got a way to go before it is economic.

    (The above in no way represents the opinions of WindShare.)

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